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Pay attention to the working temperature when repairing large high-voltage motors
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Pay attention to the working temperature when repairing large-scale high-voltage motors. Jiangyin Chuandian Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will give you relevant explanations here:

The maintenance of large high-voltage motors relies on their own high-frequency oscillations to generate oscillating forces. Therefore, the motor itself will have a very high temperature rise during its task, and it is precisely because of the existence of this cooperation gap that after the temperature rise The shaft repaired by a large high-voltage motor will swell. The swollen shaft happens to work closely with the bearing to reach the normal task condition. If there is no gap of 0.01-0.0115mm, then the large-scale high-voltage motor repair will have a temperature rise in the task. After reaching a certain temperature, a series of problems will occur, and even the work will be suspended or the repair of large high-voltage motors will be burned. So pay attention to this problem when repairing large high-voltage motors.

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