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New poles in the development of electric vehicle accessories industry!
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Accessories---As a very important part of the entire electric vehicle industry chain, it is closely related to the development of the industry. In the development of my country's electric vehicle industry for more than ten years, accessory companies have always been explorers of electric vehicle technology innovation Existence, after more than ten years of development, the accessories industry has gradually become a very well-established industry.

However, with the overall downturn of the electric vehicle industry in 2014, some shortcomings and problems in the electric vehicle accessories industry have also emerged, plagued by problems such as serious homogeneity, malicious competition at low prices, and payment defaults. The industry urgently needs to clarify its development ideas. In recent years, many new elements have indeed appeared in the accessory industry, such as accessory alliances, online shopping malls, and increased voice in docking with vehicle companies, all reflecting the active exploration of accessory companies for future development. Through brand strengthening, platform sharing, Internet +, etc., the accessories industry has begun to shine, but there is still a long way to go before it can return to standards and achieve upgrades.

Brand should be self-reliant, innovation and quality should be combined

If you look closely at the current accessories market for electric vehicles, you will find that elimination and upgrade are already happening all the time. However, it is interesting that it is not the small-scale accessory companies that are facing elimination, nor the marginalized local brands. The accessory market is complicated, and even those small brands with a small share of the primary market can still show vitality in the terminal secondary market. On the contrary, in recent years, certain large and medium-sized enterprises that have been pursuing low prices to seize market share are facing tremendous pressure to survive. Undoubtedly, most of the low prices of these companies are at the expense of quality, and the aggressive market strategy has further exposed the company's insufficiency in product control. Although sales grew rapidly during a certain period of time, the damage to the brand's reputation made this behavior more than worthwhile.

The accumulation of reputation is an intangible wealth. It takes several years or even more than ten years for the market to reach full recognition. Once the reputation is damaged, especially the damage to the brand image of inferior quality, it is almost extinct for the accessory company. disaster. Although we have seen that the parts companies that went bankrupt have various reasons, such as broken capital chains, shrinking sales markets, out-of-control management, etc., in the final analysis, this tragedy started with a decline in product quality.

Therefore, foreseeable brands in the accessories industry, especially the major brands in several major sectors, have taken up the heavy responsibility of high-end quality, and developed a clear-cut development idea of quality improvement and product innovation. By integrating resources and strengthening management, these big brands are gaining popularity in the industry. Not only do they have a good reputation in the eyes of vehicle companies, but they also have a full sense of presence among dealers and consumers. These companies have formed a very strong forward driving force in the accessories industry, and have an increasing right to speak in cooperation with automakers due to differentiation and influence. This kind of accessories companies regard reputation as life, and they are full of industry self-discipline in the process of choosing partners.

During a visit to a leading company in the motor industry in Taizhou, its chairman told reporters that the vehicle companies they choose to cooperate with have long-term plans and flatly refuse to cooperate with vehicle manufacturers that lack a reputation for low quality and low prices. Such behavior has undoubtedly injected strong vitality into the brand, and won respect in the eyes of the market and enterprises, and its brand influence has naturally increased. This was unimaginable during the period of rapid industry development in the previous few years.

Platform development, small brand Noah's Ark

As mentioned above, in the accessories industry, the gap between large and small companies in the current period is only a huge difference in production capacity, and the gap in enterprise management and channel product performance is not very large. Some small companies with strict quality control have even gained more attention in the secondary market than big brands, because these accessory companies have begun to take a multi-category, full-series development route. Accessories companies of different categories are collectively displayed on one platform, expanding the popularity of this platform with common influence, and thus benefiting themselves.

For companies that make a full range of electric vehicle accessories, in addition to having technical guarantees, brand effects are equally important. A good brand is equivalent to the company's golden sign. If consumers recognize your brand, they will naturally recognize your products. Therefore, for companies that produce a full range of accessories, they must devote themselves to building a more trustworthy brand. Once the brand is established, the consumer group is also established. Many regions are now developing "boutique alliances", which is not only a gathering effect, but also a brand effect.

For companies that produce a full range of accessory products, the moment is an excellent development opportunity. By looking for parts alliance enterprises with similar concepts and stable quality, sharing resources, risk sharing and common development with each other, all kinds of accessories products have unified specifications, which will also play a positive role in the development of the accessories industry.

In the accessories industry, both the large-scale brand strategy of large companies and the integration of small companies reflect the current development trend of the accessories industry from one side. There is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the two. In fact, large-brand accessory companies focus on the primary market of accessories, and the full range of platform-based small and medium-sized enterprises focus on the secondary market. They compete with each other and achieve common development. In today's electric vehicle exhibitions, we can also see this phenomenon of advancing side by side. More and more platforms and cooperative associations are appearing, and they are competing with big brands. The path of accessory companies is completely different from that of vehicle companies, but it is equally exciting!

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