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Electric vehicle motor maintenance manual
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Precautions for use

1. All circuits and electrical connections of electric vehicle motors are designed and guided by professionals. Users are not allowed to modify and reconnect by themselves, otherwise failures and accidents (including serious consequences such as fire and traffic accidents) are prone to occur.

2. Although the various electrical appliances and parts of the electric vehicle motor have a certain waterproof function, their waterproof performance will be reduced due to damage, aging and other reasons. Therefore, the electric vehicle should not drive on the road where the water depth can be submerged to the motor shaft. When parking or driving in the rain, various switches and handles should be covered with rain cover to prevent these electrical components from being damaged by moisture.

3. If the motor is hot (over 90°C), smoking, peculiar smell, abnormal noise or other abnormalities, stop the operation immediately and send it to our company's dealership for processing. Do not disassemble the motor by yourself.

4. The vehicle should be avoided from driving under overloading, insufficient tire pressure, or on long and steep slopes, otherwise the motor may burn out.

5. The electric wheel hub should not be subjected to violent impacts, and the electric vehicle should not be forced to start under blockage. When the electric vehicle cannot be started due to obstruction, do not start repeatedly, and start the motor after removing the cause of the obstruction of the electric vehicle.

6. For those equipped with chain motors, remember to always add lubricating oil to the chain. This can not only reduce the wear of the transmission parts, extend their life, but also reduce the transmission noise.

Maintenance rules

1. During the use of electric vehicles, users generally do not need to maintain and maintain the internal parts of the motor. They only need to pay attention to check the status of the fasteners of the electric wheel hub installed on the rear fork. If there is any loose nut, tighten it in time. Nuts or ask professionals to check and handle.

2. When the motor stops running, remove the dust and sludge from the motor in time, keep the motor clean to prevent oil and water from entering the motor, and do not spray directly with water when cleaning.

3. Check whether the lead wire of the motor is scratched, and whether there is abnormal noise during the operation of the motor. If necessary, send it to the dealership for treatment, and ask professionals to check and deal with it.

4. If chain motors are equipped, lubricate the chain regularly.

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