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Why are electric vehicles not equipped with traditional gearboxes?
Release time:2020-9-3 15:17:08      Number of hits:144

Why can't electric vehicles be equipped with ordinary gearboxes? The main reason is that the volume and weight of ordinary gearboxes are too large compared to electric vehicles, followed by poor transmission efficiency, and the difficulty of installation design and matching.

Taking the current dual-clutch gearbox with the highest transmission efficiency as an example, the actual transmission efficiency is about 87%, which means that the original 100km endurance is only 87km, and considering the weight of the gearbox, the actual endurance is still going down. It is the biggest fate of electric cars!

If a fixed gear ratio gearbox is used, the endurance at a speed of 100km/h may be reduced, but the original endurance of 100km can still run 90km. After weighing and comparing, most electric vehicles tend to use fixed gear ratio gearboxes.

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