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Maintaining the rear axle of electric vehicles is the kingly way
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The service life of the rear axle of electric vehicles is long. It depends on two points. One is whether the quality of the parts is good or not, and the other is whether the maintenance of the rear axle is well done. Today, I will tell you the correct way to maintain the rear axle. what.

The important thing is the maintenance and maintenance in daily life. Before running the electric vehicle, check whether the connecting bolts on the external rear axle of the electric vehicle are loose, whether the axle is leaking oil, whether the wheel hub, reducer assembly and other components are there Abnormal sound.

 One problem that is easy to overlook is the mandatory maintenance of axles: when compulsory maintenance, it should be based on the operating conditions at the time, and we can do it when the vehicle travels between 3000 and 5000 kilometers. The first maintenance of the electric vehicle rear axle includes the following parts: replacing the lubricating oil, gear oil, checking the toe of the front axle, adjusting the brake clearance, checking the fasteners and so on.

Now, have you learned the correct way to open the rear axle of a tricycle?

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