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Xuzhou Chaohua Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Feng County, Jiangsu Province, a famous city in northern Jiangsu. It is a technology-based organization and manufacturing enterprise that specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicle motors. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and hard work, it has now developed into a large-scale high-paying technology enterprise integrating professional R&D and manufacturing of electric tricycles and four-wheeled differential motors, and ranks among the industry leaders.

The company has more than 80 employees, including 2 engineers, 2 professional and technical personnel, and 6 senior management personnel. With advanced equipment, technology, first-class technology research and development, high-end quality standards, and perfect after-sales service, Chaohua Company has a foothold in the motor industry and continues to explore and make progress! The company's current phase I plant covers an area of about 13,000 square meters. The company's management team is composed of elites who have been engaged in manufacturing and marketing for many years in the motor industry. The marketing team tailors differentiated terminal sales models according to different markets and different customers to escort the growth and development of customers!

The general manager of Chaohua Company, Mr. Zhang Kuiquan, on behalf of all employees of the company, welcomes friends from all over the country and outside the industry to visit and negotiate!

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