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Leader's Speech
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Sincerely thank every friend who pays attention to Xuzhou Xinchaohua Electric Co., Ltd., because of your understanding and trust, care and support, the company has been able to develop steadily. Xinchaohua Electric has lived up to its trust and insisted on innovation and enterprising in the industry. In the process of growth, it is supported by burning passion, hard work and wisdom. We have never slackened, and always interpreted with gratitude and professionalism. "Caring for life, putting people first."

We have adopted advanced technology and equipment, borrowed a wealth of management experience, and continuously improved and developed in technology, scale and management. Start from bit by bit and from ourselves to improve our projects and services and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise. Adhering to the spirit of continuous learning and innovation, shaping an excellent corporate culture, based on effective resource aland refined management, achieving low-cost, high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-service in project management. This is the future period of Lishi Construction Machinery Need to work hard to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and to improve the quality of the enterprise.

We are always grateful. It is precisely because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that Xinchaohua Motor has today's achievements and confidence. Here, I sincerely, together with all the employees of the company, express my sincere gratitude to the old and new friends from all walks of life who have given Xin Chaohua Motor's enthusiastic support and friendly cooperation! And sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life to give Xinchaohua Motor's continuous care and support.

I believe that Xinchaohua Motor is not only the preferred partner of friends and customers, but also your most reliable friend forever!

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